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AGROPLAST Ltd continues to produce environmentally friendly Cook stoves to save Forests

Kigali-Kicukiro: AGROPLAST Ltd, a company that specializes in plastic waste recycling to produce reusable materials, has now started making improved cookstoves that use less firewood to protect the environment.

Since the start of producing the improved cookstoves, the company has provided more than 10,000 cookstoves to its clients who have distributed them among local communities in Secoko sub-Catchment, Muhazi Catchment, Nyagatare and Kirehe Districts which are part of Muvumba Catchment.

The company’s management said that the production of such improved cookstoves is part of creating solutions to protect the environment, especially by reducing the number of trees cut down by look communities while looking for firewood.

These cookstoves reduce 80% of needed firewood which is why many organizations that work in the environment sector are distributing them to the beneficiaries to save trees.

Rwanda continues to make efforts to conserve forests in order to continue to address the impacts of climate change.

Awareness-raising and community outreach are needed to help the community stay involved.

So far, the Rwanda Forestry Authority in collaboration with the International Union of Conservation of Nature are supporting local communities to get these Cookstoves free of charge as part of a number of existing strategies to help the community change their relationship with nature.

These activities are being implemented through various projects aimed at improving the living standards of the people but in a way that supports the conservation of the environment.

Nduwayezu Leo, CEO of AGROPLAST Ltd says that the company currently has a capacity of producing 300 improved cookstoves per day and added that this capacity is increasing depending on the market situation.

He urges those who want these cookstoves to reach the factory and be helped to find improved Cookstoves easily and at a good price.


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