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Gabonese business leaders visit AgroPlast Ltd to explore solutions to fight against plastic use

A delegation of Gabonese business leaders visited AgroPlast Ltd in Rwanda on Thursday, April 25th to exchange ideas on ways to combat the use of plastics. The delegation was guided by the Rwanda Development Board, which is leading efforts to promote sustainable development in the country.

AgroPlast Ltd, the leading company in Rwanda's plastic recycling sector, shared their innovative solutions aimed at enhancing environmental protection and reducing deforestation. The company's management highlighted their commitment to finding sustainable alternatives to plastic and promoting a circular economy.

The Gabonese delegation expressed interest in learning from Rwanda's experience in tackling plastic pollution and exploring potential partnerships to implement similar initiatives in their own country. The visit was seen as a valuable opportunity for both countries to collaborate on finding solutions to one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

During the visit, the Gabonese delegation had the opportunity to learn about Agroplast's recycling processes and how they are working towards creating a more sustainable future.


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